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Nine Square Meters by Ksenia Panova

Yet another post with an ulterior motive! FLARE: The Flagler Review will be featuring a nonfiction piece of mine in their upcoming Summer Online Edition. In the meantime, though, "Nine Square Meters" by Ksenia Panova is worth your time. What I'm must drawn to in Panova's writing is her ability to create a crystal clear image of… Continue reading Nine Square Meters by Ksenia Panova

Free to Read · Nonfiction Essays I Love

‘The Onus’ by Elizabeth Wright

I've got a bit of an ulterior motive for you in sharing this piece of creative nonfiction. Tomorrow, STORGY is publishing a piece that I wrote, so I thought I'd feature the incredibly company I'll be keeping by sharing "The Onus" by Elizabeth Wright. Normally I'm more attracted to more narrative pieces, but Wright does… Continue reading ‘The Onus’ by Elizabeth Wright

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‘Cook New England’ by Olivia Wolfgang-Smith

It is finals week. I have no time. But, I was digging through Little Fiction's archives and found the truly incredible "Cook New England"by Olivia Wolfgang-Smith. As I said, I have no time (seriously I should be writing a paper as I'm typing this) but I will say this in regards to the exquisite short story… Continue reading ‘Cook New England’ by Olivia Wolfgang-Smith

Free to Read · Nonfiction Essays I Love

‘My Mother’s Mother’ by Davon Loeb

I think one of the things I find really interesting about "My Mother's Mother" by Davon Loeb (published by Split Lip Magazine) is that it starts in the middle, with the word 'but,' as if we've only clued in to the story after it's been started. It adds a bit of urgency to reading the… Continue reading ‘My Mother’s Mother’ by Davon Loeb

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‘Reasons Not to Join’ by Ron Riekki

I'm having trouble coming up with what to say about "Reasons Not to Join" by Ron Riekki, published by New Orleans Review. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this piece. There's just a lot to think about. That's part of what makes it so brilliant. I️ saw the first 45 minutes of Full Metal… Continue reading ‘Reasons Not to Join’ by Ron Riekki

Free to Read · Short Stories I Love

‘The Man I Could Be’ by Brenda Peynado

I just recently discovered Hunger Mountain and I am in love. "The Man I Could Be" by Brenda Peynado is super cool. Go read it yourself if you don't believe me. Magical realism is one of my personal favorites. This one is so fun because it raises these questions of our potential versus our reality and… Continue reading ‘The Man I Could Be’ by Brenda Peynado