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Nine Square Meters by Ksenia Panova

Yet another post with an ulterior motive! FLARE: The Flagler Review will be featuring a nonfiction piece of mine in their upcoming Summer Online Edition. In the meantime, though, "Nine Square Meters" by Ksenia Panova is worth your time. What I'm must drawn to in Panova's writing is her ability to create a crystal clear image of… Continue reading Nine Square Meters by Ksenia Panova

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‘About a Mountain’ by John D’Agata

. . .if we linger long enough with anything, the truth of its significance is bound to be revealed. For whatever reason, I feel like John D'Agata wrote a very personal message when he signed my copy of About a Mountain, though in reality, 'To Kameron, from whom I expect great things,' is rather generic.… Continue reading ‘About a Mountain’ by John D’Agata

Free to Read · Nonfiction Essays I Love

‘The Onus’ by Elizabeth Wright

I've got a bit of an ulterior motive for you in sharing this piece of creative nonfiction. Tomorrow, STORGY is publishing a piece that I wrote, so I thought I'd feature the incredibly company I'll be keeping by sharing "The Onus" by Elizabeth Wright. Normally I'm more attracted to more narrative pieces, but Wright does… Continue reading ‘The Onus’ by Elizabeth Wright

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The Last Days of Oscar Wilde by John Vanderslice

I have to admit: I'm biased when it comes to The Last Days of Oscar Wilde. John Vanderslice is one of my professors, so I was determined to read the book even if I hated it. But, lucky for me, the book is beautiful and heartbreaking. I have known Oscar Wilde the author and playwright… Continue reading The Last Days of Oscar Wilde by John Vanderslice

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‘Cook New England’ by Olivia Wolfgang-Smith

It is finals week. I have no time. But, I was digging through Little Fiction's archives and found the truly incredible "Cook New England"by Olivia Wolfgang-Smith. As I said, I have no time (seriously I should be writing a paper as I'm typing this) but I will say this in regards to the exquisite short story… Continue reading ‘Cook New England’ by Olivia Wolfgang-Smith