Free to Read · Short Stories I Love

‘Cook New England’ by Olivia Wolfgang-Smith

It is finals week. I have no time. But, I was digging through Little Fiction's archives and found the truly incredible "Cook New England"by Olivia Wolfgang-Smith. As I said, I have no time (seriously I should be writing a paper as I'm typing this) but I will say this in regards to the exquisite short story… Continue reading ‘Cook New England’ by Olivia Wolfgang-Smith

Free to Read · Short Stories I Love

‘The Man I Could Be’ by Brenda Peynado

I just recently discovered Hunger Mountain and I am in love. "The Man I Could Be" by Brenda Peynado is super cool. Go read it yourself if you don't believe me. Magical realism is one of my personal favorites. This one is so fun because it raises these questions of our potential versus our reality and… Continue reading ‘The Man I Could Be’ by Brenda Peynado

Free to Read · Short Stories I Love

‘Prayer’ by Natalie Mesnard Is Mesmerizing

I stumbled upon "Prayer" by Natalie Mesnard thanks to Kenyon Review's newsletter. It's lovely and beautiful, and I highly encourage you to read it. As always, I will be detailing exactly what I love about this piece in list format: Second person. I am such a sucker for second person, and this is such a cool use… Continue reading ‘Prayer’ by Natalie Mesnard Is Mesmerizing