Myself, sitting cross-legged on the ground and looking up at the camera
Photo by Brenda Yelvington

I attend the University of Central Arkansas and am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, with a minor in African/African American Studies. I’ve been published in FLARE: The Flagler Review, and have work forthcoming in The Fiction Pool and Carbon Culture Review. I currently work as an Assistant Nonfiction Editor for Pithead ChapelThe project I am dedicating the most time to (aside from upcoming grad school applications) is working as the Podcast Intern for I’m Afraid to Ask, a podcast about big questions and little questions and what the answers to those questions reveal (also available from PodBean, for those who don’t use iTunes).

I’ve recently gotten the hang of blogging and am aiming to post a few times a month, depending on how busy I am. If you really want to keep up with me, find me on Instagram @tallsoyflatwhite.