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Nine Square Meters by Ksenia Panova

A painting titled Untitled (Reawakened) by Maja Hydborn, featuring a forest landscape and a creek in muted browns and greens with yellow rubber gloves draped over the tope of the frame
Untitled (Reawakened) by Maja Hydbom

Yet another post with an ulterior motive! FLARE: The Flagler Review will be featuring a nonfiction piece of mine in their upcoming Summer Online Edition. In the meantime, though, “Nine Square Meters” by Ksenia Panova is worth your time.

What I’m must drawn to in Panova’s writing is her ability to create a crystal clear image of something that I have no real frame of reference for. She expertly weaves in birds and flying as motifs of freedom, highlights the bits of beauty that people attempted to bring to their lives. The feeling I found myself left with at the end of the piece was melancholic, but hopeful as well, for if beauty can be found when all you have to claim is nine square meters surely we can all find beauty here and now, even as the political world crashes down around us.

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