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The Last Days of Oscar Wilde by John Vanderslice

A photo of The Last Days of Oscar Wilde by John Vanderslice next to my favorite coffee mugI have to admit: I’m biased when it comes to The Last Days of Oscar Wilde. John Vanderslice is one of my professors, so I was determined to read the book even if I hated it. But, lucky for me, the book is beautiful and heartbreaking. I have known Oscar Wilde the author and playwright for a long time. It wasn’t until I read this book that I feel like I got to know Oscar Wilde the human being.

The quote I’ve included below is something Oscar says when discussing the great painters with a young artist. It stuck out to me because I think Oscar was worried about himself when he said this, wondering what people would think of him later, wether or not he would be remembered or considered great.

Does that make them wrong? Or irrelevant? Does time alone invalidate a person?

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